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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:23

Support Waste Management in Kosovo (EuropeAid/133800/C/SER/XK)

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TITLE: Support Waste Management in Kosovo (EuropeAid/133800/C/SER/XK)

CLIENT: EU / represented by the EU Office in Kosovo

DURATION: 20/1/2014 – now

kosovo The project’s overall objective is to contribute, via the upgrading of waste management (WM), to the sustainable and continuous improvement of the quality of the natural environment of Kosovo, in order to reach EU standards, especially in relation to public health and economic development. The project aims at strengthening the institutional capacities of the central and local competent authorities on issues related to the drafting of policies and plans and implementing effective measures for environmental improvement, with focus on WM, via the utilization of national and EU financing mechanisms. Among the project’s main goals is to promote waste generation reduction, categorization, sustainable collection, reuse/recycling treatment and safe disposal of residues. More specifically, the project consisted of the following activities:

  • Task 1: Development of an Information Management System on waste
  • Task 2: Development of a Master Plan for the implementation of waste management priority projects
  • Task 3: Elaboration of EIA studies, detailed Design and TDs for the priority project projects to be financed by IPA (in addition to an “urgent” project – sanitary landfill – in N. Kosovo)
  • Task 4: Application guidelines for Grants to the environmentally friendly packaging producers
  • Task 5: Public awareness campaign

Over the course of the program, EPEM worked closely with the Greek Ministry of Environment, the EBRD, the Government of FYROM, the local authorities in the city of Stroumitsa, as well as with all the bodies established in the recipient country for the implementation of the MEAP Program.

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