Landfill siting

TITLE: Action plan for the site location and the development of the design, operation and EIA methods of sanitary landfills in Egyptian governorates (LIFE98 TCY/ET/152)

CLIENT: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency / EU – LIFE 3rd Countries

DURATION: 3/1999 – 9/2002

EPEM was the external technical consultant to the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency. The project’s objectives included:

  • Identification of the optimal areas (site selection) for the construction of landfill sites in the 27 Egyptian governorates
  • Identification of best practices for solid waste treatment
  • Development of decision support tools for solid waste management
  • Promotion of know how transfer to the Egyptian competent authorities
  • Restructure of the solid waste management strategy in Egypt

The project consisted of several innovations, mainly due to the methods that were developed in order to identify the optimal landfill sites. The project also included the formulation of an action plan (estimation of the investment and operational costs of the National Program for sanitary landfilling, set-up of the criteria for the selection of the financing scheme that will be used in order to implement and operate the Program and set-up of the environmental, geographic and economic priorities of the Program) and support / dissemination actions for the reinforcement of administrative structures and the promotion of the action plan (training of the EEAA staff and formulation of relevant additional executive regulations).