Industrial waste management

TITLE: Integrated industrial solid waste management in Egypt (LIFE99 TCY/ET/072)

CLIENT: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency / EU – LIFE 3rd Countries

DURATION: 5/2001 – 5/2003

The objective of the project was to develop an integrated plan (local action plan) for the management of industrial solid waste in the 6th of October industrial estate, in order to serve in the future as a model for the overall industrial solid waste management in Egypt. The provision of support to build up capacity for the management of industrial solid waste was within the project’s scope.

The project included the selection of the state of the art practices for industrial solid waste management (ISWM), as well as, alternative techniques and methods for solid waste treatment and disposal. The possibilities of waste minimization and waste exchange were also examined, as well as the Life Cycle Assessment for several industrial products.

An inventory was developed in the project’s framework, containing 700 industrial facilities, which were examined regarding their processes and solid waste. Waste factors were used (rapid assessment) and a database was developed.

An Action Plan was developed, as well as tender document for the Industrial Solid Waste Management system of the 6th of October. The project also included the training of the governmental personnel on the implementation and monitoring of the system. The results were disseminated through leaflets, workshops and the web.

EPEM was the external technical consultant to the EEAA. For further information: