Solid waste management

TITLE: Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for the cities of Durres, Korce and Berat in Albania

CLIENT: Greek Ministry of Environment / Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

DURATION: 12/2000 – 6/2002

The project was financed by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and included:

  • Inventory of the current situation on solid waste (quantities, waste streams) and its management (collection, transport, recycling, environmental problems etc). The inventory was the basis of the proposed management plan.
  • Investigation of common waste management with neighboring cities and villages.
  • Investigation of practical options for waste recycling and recovery.
  • Development of waste management tools.
  • Implementation of the above-mentioned tools in the 2 cities and development of sustainable waste management plans.
  • Identification of waste disposal sites and initial design.
  • Elaboration of an action plan for the implementation of the solid waste management plan in each city, including cost estimation.