Climate change

TITLES: Capacity building in the Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania and Serbia) in order to deal with the climate change problem

CLIENT: Greek Ministry of Environment / DAC – OECD

DURATION: 5/2001 – 9/2002

The project was implemented in the framework of the DAC - OECD program in the Sector of Environment and Sustainable Development and was co-financed by the Greek Ministry for Environment. The project aimed to develop capacity building concerning climate change in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania and Serbia.
The project comprised of the following activities:

  • Compilation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventory
  • Projections of GHG emissions
  • Identification and evaluation of policies and measures aiming to reduce GHG emissions
  • Development of National Action Plans
  • Development of databases / training of personnel
  • Evaluation of existing administrative structures
  • Transfer of energy conservation technologies and environmentally sound technologies
  • Adjustment of the existing national legal framework related to the exploitation of Flexible Mechanisms - Identification of priority activities which could be developed
  • Dissemination actions