Capacity building – Environmental impact assessment

TITLE: Technical Assistant for compliance with the EIA Directives (EUROPΕAID/119165/C/SV/BA)

CLIENT: EC / Ministry of Environment of Bosnia – Herzegovina

DURATION: 2/2005 – 2/2006

The project was implemented by the companies «ENVECO SA - EPEM SA »and aimed at the sustainable environmental management in Bosnia - Herzegovina, in order to adapt to the European standards and to increase the skills of the personnel of the Ministry of Environment (Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska), in order to manage Environmental Impact Assessment issues.

The project included:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing methodology for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Preparation of a review of the methodology for Environmental Impact Assessment (in accordance with the European acquis - Directives 97/11 and 96/61), proposals in relation to arrangements in the legislative framework and administrative structures
  • Proposals for disclosure and public participation