Landfill in Brijesnica

TITLE: Preliminary and final study for the landfill in the area of Bijelina, Bosnia – Herzegovina

CLIENT: EKO-DEP / World Bank

DURATION: 8/2007 - 8/2008

The project is funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Joint Venture «EPEM SA - HIDROZAVOD DTD ». The study included:

  • Site work. Illustration of the land, drilling, calculation of solid waste quantities that will be driven to the landfill etc.
  • Preliminary landfill design study
  • Suggested methods for solid waste treatment in the area
  • Rehabilitation study of the existing uncontrolled landfill
  • Proposals for the siting and operation of transfer stations
  • Environmental impact assessment study
  • Preliminary cost benefit analysis for the landfill
  • Final landfill study
  • Final cost benefit analysis for the landfill
  • Operation manual for the landfill

The regional World Bank office appraised the project for the outstanding landfill design and the development of the “Landfill operation handbook”.