Landfill and transfer station in Pafos

TITLE: Final study for the “Construction and operation of the landfill and the transfer stations for municipal solid waste, in Pafos”


DURATION: 09/2003 – 04/2004

The Pafos landfill was constructed to meet the needs of disposal of municipal solid waste in the wider area of the province of Pafos. After the implementation of recycling programs ~15% of the waste will be driven in the landfill or 36.000 ± 5% tn of solid waste per year. EPEM prepared the final study for the landfill works (cells A1 + A2, capacity 770.000 m3) and in particular:

  • Configurations of the basin, internal roads, service areas and infrastructure
  • Waterproofing
  • Rainwater management - flood protection
  • Collection and treatment of leachate
  • Biogas collection and combustion
  • Environmental monitoring works
  • Temporary storage of hazardous waste and procurement of equipment
  • Study for the organization and operation