Technical consultant for WWTP construction

TITLE: Consultancy Services for the project “Hellenic Participation in the MEAP Programme of FYROM – Financing the construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant” in Strumica, FYROM

CLIENT: Greek Ministry of Environment / MEAP

DURATION: 12/2001 – 12/2003

The consulting services related to the identification of the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s construction works, the construction cost of the facility and any other regional projects, as well as to the development of a detailed work plan, the preparation of a preliminary plan for the construction works and other necessary studies, the preparation of tender documents, the monitoring of the construction works and the operation test, throughout the duration of the project.

EPEM was responsible for planning the effective use of funds, aiming to the completion of the construction, i.e. a fully functional wastewater treatment plant, conventional with other projects that were manufactured in FYROM, under the MEAP program.

Specifically, this program, among others, included:

  • identification of the physical and economic magnitude of the construction unit, and the timetable-project duration,
  • clarification and definition of the procedural issues,
  • update of the timetable for the project implementation,
  • technical support to the Greek Ministry of Environment for making all necessary contacts with the stakeholders in FYROM and the EBRD,
  • preparation of tender documents for the construction works and support services to the Greek Ministry of Environment in the tender procedures,
  • monitoring of the construction works until the planned completion date.

Over the course of the program, EPEM worked closely with the Greek Ministry of Environment, the EBRD, the Government of FYROM, the local authorities in the city of Stroumitsa, as well as with all the bodies established in the recipient country for the implementation of the MEAP Program.