Environmental statistics

TITLE: Environmental statistics survey (EuropeAid/114921/D/SV/RO)

CLIENT: EC / Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finance

DURATION: 11/2003 – 11/2004

EPEM undertook, as part of an international consortium of companies, the study of restructuring and integration of the Statistical Office and the Ministry of Environment of Romania to the European Union standards, in terms of environmental statistical issues. The project was implemented under the PHARE program.

In the project framework, EPEM undertook to coordinate the national register of air emissions in Romania and to prepare the first national report of the country's sustainable development.

Specifically, in relation to the air emissions inventory, EPEM had the responsibility of implementing the following sub-projects:

  • Create a list of substances for which emissions are calculated in accordance with the EU law and practice
  • Development of methodology and organization of the collection of statistical data necessary for calculating air emissions
  • Software development for the calculation of emissions based on the CORINAIR methodology and international IPCC guidelines
  • Support the Romanian authorities in the calculation of air emissions for 2002
  • Dissemination of results

In connection with the Romanian national report on sustainable development, EPEM had the responsibility of implementation of the following sub-projects:

  • Develop criteria for selecting sustainability indicators for the environment.
  • Assessment of the selected indicators
  • Prepare the sustainability report in Romania, taking into account the values of indicators over the period 1998 - 2002
  • Publication and dissemination of results.