Healthcare waste management

turkey2 TITLE: Integrated healthcare waste management in Istanbul, (LIFE00TCY/ TR/000054)

CLIENT: Turkish National Committee on Solid Waste / EU – LIFE 3rd Countries

DURATION: 3/2002 – 9/2004

The project was funded by the EU "LIFE-3rd Countries" program and aimed at the design of an integrated healthcare waste management system in Istanbul, the minimization of health and environmental impacts and the compliance of the Turkish legislation with that of the EU. The project included:

  • Analysis of the current situation
    - Review the legislative framework - proposals for improvement
    - Inventory of healthcare waste sources and assessment of their management
    - Field research, based on specific questionnaires sent to hospitals in Istanbul. The «rapid assessment» technique was used to estimate waste from small and diffuse sources
  • Inventory System
    - Establish an information system to record the collected data
    - Categorize the waste (depending on content - hazardousness)
  • Management Plan
    - Investigation on volume reduction
    - Network collection (planning - developing procedures for collection, separation and packing)
  • Supporting actions
    - Provide guidelines for the establishment and operation of a Healthcare Waste Management Center
    - Information campaigns and seminars
    - Dissemination of results (website, workshops, video)