EPEM is a member of the following organizations:

 Technical Chamber of Greece, Registr. No 2168

 Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms

 Consultancy Registry of the Greek Ministry for the Environment, Registr. No 534

 Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens

 International Solid Waste Association (ISWA – Gold Member)

 Hellenic Solid Waste Association

 Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (Greek member of FEAD)

 World Bank, Reg. No: 3095

 EC – Central Consultancy Register, Reg. No: 100188

 Carbon Management Association

 European Waste Forum

>  Our goal is to successfully confront the effects of development and help to improve our environment
>  We aim at contributing to a better quality of life
>  We provide sustainable solutions to environmental problems


The high quality of the services that we provide to our clients is among our main goals. EPEM is certified, by TUV Austria Hellas, for its Quality Management System according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

EPEM’s certified services include:

 Environmental Studies

 Environmental Consulting

 Studies of Construction Works

 Project Management



EPEM holds a professional indemnity insurance (pdf)

EPEM provides specialized services in the following fields:

 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

 Water Resources and Wastewater Management

 Environmental Management and Sustainable Development in Industry Air Pollution Abatement and Control

 Ecosystems Protection and Natural Resources Management

 Climate Change / Greenhouse Gases Emissions Trading

Our services include:

 Capacity building

 Evaluation of environmental projects and programs

 Technical assistance for projects and management bodies

 Preparation of large environmental infrastructure projects

 Financing of environmental projects / PPPs

 Environmental Impact Assessment

 Legal support on environmental issues

 Environmental information management

 Environmental training

 Project management




For EPEM, success criteria depend on the implementation of sustainable solutions for environmental problems. We are seeking for solutions beyond the limits of conventional consulting services.

According to this philosophy, EPEM:


 provides an integrated approach for each project: from the initial planning and the feasibility study, to the assurance of its efficient operation


 identifies the client’s needs before and after the typical contract limits


 satisfies its client’s by proposing sustainable and realistic solutions

Our main goal is client’s satisfaction. EPEM’s team listen the needs of its clients and provide solutions taking into account their culture. We seek to develop relations of mutual trust and cooperation, in order to deliver integrated and high quality work, which will not only solve the problem in question, but will also improve the environmental, financial and social conditions.

Innovation is a crucial component for EPEM’s work. Our clients benefit from the development of new implementation methodologies and software applications that guarantee the quality and promptitude of our work. We are continuously following the technological and scientific developments by participating in international conferences and major organizations and forums.



EPEM S.A. – Environmental Planning, Engineering & Management
is an independent environmental engineering and consulting firm, founded in 1992, in Athens, Greece. The firm consists of engineers and scientists.

Our offices located in Athens (Greece), Bucharest (Romania), Balikesir (Turkey), Pristina (Kosovo) and in Cyprus.

EPEM S.A. is active in Central and South-East Europe and in Mediterranean Countries. Working internationally, in developing countries and under different and difficult circumstances, give the capability in our company to deliver successful and high quality projects, of significant importance. Our international network of partners guarantees our further international expansion in these countries.

At the same time EPEM participates in international forums and collaborates with global organizations, institutions and associations such as:

  • International Solid Waste Association (ISWA – Gold Member)

  • World Bank

  • European Commission

  • Clinton Global Initiative

  • University of Leeds


  • Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT)

  • Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University

  • European Waste Forum

  • Carbon Management Association

Creativity, emphasis on innovation, loyalty to our clients and high level of professionalism, constitute EPEM’s competitive advantages guarantee successful development of high quality sustainable solutions, even to the most complex environmental problems.




turkey2 TITLE: Integrated healthcare waste management in Istanbul, (LIFE00TCY/ TR/000054)

CLIENT: Turkish National Committee on Solid Waste / EU – LIFE 3rd Countries

DURATION: 3/2002 – 9/2004

The project was funded by the EU "LIFE-3rd Countries" program and aimed at the design of an integrated healthcare waste management system in Istanbul, the minimization of health and environmental impacts and the compliance of the Turkish legislation with that of the EU. The project included:

  • Analysis of the current situation
    - Review the legislative framework - proposals for improvement
    - Inventory of healthcare waste sources and assessment of their management
    - Field research, based on specific questionnaires sent to hospitals in Istanbul. The «rapid assessment» technique was used to estimate waste from small and diffuse sources
  • Inventory System
    - Establish an information system to record the collected data
    - Categorize the waste (depending on content - hazardousness)
  • Management Plan
    - Investigation on volume reduction
    - Network collection (planning - developing procedures for collection, separation and packing)
  • Supporting actions
    - Provide guidelines for the establishment and operation of a Healthcare Waste Management Center
    - Information campaigns and seminars
    - Dissemination of results (website, workshops, video)

TITLE: Technical assistance for the preparation of 5 projects in the environmental sector in Romania (EuropeAid/123053/D/SV/RO)

CLIENT: Romanian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

DURATION: 8/2007 -

EPEM, as a member of the Joint Venture “KOCKS Consult GmbH – Enviroplan SA – EPEM SA – ROMAIR Consulting Ltd”, supports the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development during the preparation of the solid waste management projects in 5 counties in the western part of Romania. The counties under examination include:

  • Salaj County
  • Cluj County
  • Caras Severin County
  • Alba County
  • Timis County

The project preparation includes the following activities:

  • Preparation of County master plans for the management of solid waste
  • Preparation of feasibility and cost benefic analysis studies for the proposed works
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and completion of the environmental permitting procedure for the proposed works
  • Capacity building of the waste management authorities – Training seminars
  • Preparation of the application for funding from the European Regional Development Fund
  • Preparation of the tender dossiers for the works, services and supplies and support during the tendering procedure

TITLE: Environmental statistics survey (EuropeAid/114921/D/SV/RO)

CLIENT: EC / Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finance

DURATION: 11/2003 – 11/2004

EPEM undertook, as part of an international consortium of companies, the study of restructuring and integration of the Statistical Office and the Ministry of Environment of Romania to the European Union standards, in terms of environmental statistical issues. The project was implemented under the PHARE program.

In the project framework, EPEM undertook to coordinate the national register of air emissions in Romania and to prepare the first national report of the country's sustainable development.

Specifically, in relation to the air emissions inventory, EPEM had the responsibility of implementing the following sub-projects:

  • Create a list of substances for which emissions are calculated in accordance with the EU law and practice
  • Development of methodology and organization of the collection of statistical data necessary for calculating air emissions
  • Software development for the calculation of emissions based on the CORINAIR methodology and international IPCC guidelines
  • Support the Romanian authorities in the calculation of air emissions for 2002
  • Dissemination of results

In connection with the Romanian national report on sustainable development, EPEM had the responsibility of implementation of the following sub-projects:

  • Develop criteria for selecting sustainability indicators for the environment.
  • Assessment of the selected indicators
  • Prepare the sustainability report in Romania, taking into account the values of indicators over the period 1998 - 2002
  • Publication and dissemination of results.
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