Waste Management Options for Greenhouse Gases Emissions Control

WASTE-C-CONTROL is a joint project between EPEM SA (Environmental Planning, Engineering and Management), the Waste Management Authority of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (DIAAMATH), the Waste Management System of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA) and the Trans-Municipal Enterprise of Solid Waste Management of Chania (DEDISA).

The WASTE-C-CONTROL project was selected among the 25 Best LIFE-Environment Projects 2014

The project is co-financed by the EU LIFE+ 2009 Program and its main objectives include:

Develop the appropriate tools that will enable Waste Management Authorities and other stakeholders to substantially reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions resulting from their waste management (WM) activities

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Develop appropriate assessment, monitoring, controlling and reporting activities related to different WM options and the respective GHG emissions reductions
Evaluate the EU policy (waste prevention and recycling, energy policy etc) and legislation (Waste Framework Directive) options and opportunities, in order to reduce GHG emissions by using alternative WM practices
Promote awareness, provide training and disseminate information on WM options and climate change mitigation
Initiate GHG emission reductions at a local (Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Region of Western Macedonia and Regional Union of Chania, Crete and sectoral (waste management) level

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