12/3/2010: Public Consultation (Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation until 2020)

29/6/2009: Public Consultation (List of GHG Emissions Reductions Measures)

In Greece, but also in many other EU Member States, the discussion on the GHG emission reduction targets after 2012 is limited to date at national level, assuming that local communities will move forward once a new national target is set and appropriate policies decided at central level are introduced / reinforced.

Such an assumption ignores some important facts, the first of which is that a large number of measures presuppose the participation of local communities for an efficient implementation (e.g. energy conservation in buildings) or at least their consensus (e.g. exploitation of wind energy at a large scale). At the same time, a number of choices and investments are made at local level, defining to a large extent the evolution of GHG emissions during the next decade without possibility of reversing trends at a later stage.

CLIM-LOCAL2020 aims to serve as a prototype approach for a decentralized effort in achieving future and much stricter national emission reduction targets, with beneficial multiplication effects if applied to other municipalities in Greece and the EU. It should be noted that at present, Volos is the only municipality in Greece developing a Local Action Plan for GHG emissions reductions for the period after 2012.

This space is dedicated for public consultation on the CLIM-LOCAL2020 project. Citizens are encouraged to send their comments to the following e-mail: environment@volos-city.gr.
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